60+ hours of Music, Magic,
Self Love & Eco-Activism

In collaboration with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, ABRACADABRA Earth Day Weekender will feature global live music, dj’s performing LIVE from beach cleans around the world,  wellness programming intertwined with environmental discussion panels and engaging workshops focused on restoring, sustaining, and protecting our planet. Make sure to tune in all weekend as we welcome in the era of social tokens & collect all the NFT’s as we guide you into the future and co-create abundance, love and Abracadabra magic ! We’ve brought very special people together including Kip Andersen the director of the #1 Netflix documentary, ‘Seaspiracy’, Robin Schmidt from Defiant who will be teaching us how get our crypto game on, and the Great Bingo Revival LIVE.


Let's Party!
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This year, the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation invites you to be a part of the radical change that is unfolding. From ridding dance floors and DJ booths of plastics to developing tools to help music communities #PartyWithAPurpose, together we can, and will, evolve from garbage generators to sustainable innovators. On this powerful Earth Day, ABRACADABRA chose to support the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation in this mission to ideate a regenerative future for our stages.